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TMA offers a wealth of materials and activities based on our collection and special exhibitions for preK-12 educators.

Enrich your teaching practice through workshops that explore intersections between Visual Literacy and core curriculum. Throughout the year, Museum offers a variety of professional development opportunities for preK-16 educators.

Early childhood teacher professional development training is supported in part by Patricia Timmerman.

Materials for Educators

Downloadable resources to help teachers bring the TMA collection into the classroom. Use these materials before and after your visit to prepare your students and extend the learning.

Discovery Boxes

Get your students excited about learning with our popular Discovery Boxes. Available for a variety of subjects and grade levels, these exciting learning tools include DVDs, CDs, activity sheets, lesson plans, games, posters, handling objects, and more.

To view a list of available Discovery Boxes, search the Library catalog. Click on the Tab, Advanced, then under Collection choose Discovery Boxes, then click OK. This will bring up a list of current discovery boxes.