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Gashkibidaagan (Bandolier Bag)

ArtistUnknown Ojibwe artist

DateBetween 1893 and 1911

DimensionsL. 42 5/16 in.; W. 12 5/8 in.; Depth 4 5/16 in.

MediumGlass seed beads, twill wool edging, silk grosgrain ribbon, printed cotton fabrics, orange, red and black plaid fabric, and a cotton sugar bag

Place FromUnited States, Minnesota or Wisconsin Region

ClassificationTextiles and Fiber

Credit Line1911.41; Gift of Dr. Arthur F. Bissell

Cost to Adopt

This beaded ceremonial Ojibwe bag exhibits engrained dirt in the beadwork, wear along the wool and silk trim, and loss of fringe. This likely occurred from wear and use of the bag. Additionally, silk and wool are particularly fragile fibers that can easily degrade with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The Museum’s conservators will work with the Ojibwe community to determine the appropriate course of action for conserving the bag.