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Brief Introduction

The Toledo Museum of Art will host a series of master classes in glass in 2019.

Beginning in May and continuing through August, these one-week master classes will offer instruction in a variety of glass techniques including glassblowing, flame working, stained glass, glass casting, hot sculpting and glass print making. Each teaching artist is internationally recognized and brings with them a set of highly specific and refined skill sets unique to each studio in the Glass Pavilion. Participating artists include Joseph CavalieriJoe CariatiAmber CowanBoyd Sugiki and Lisa ZerkowitzJoanna ManousisGrant GarmezyJen Blazina, and Chris Ahalt

Many of the classes are open to artists of all skill levels but some will require intermediate or advanced experience. Each class will be limited to nine students and scholarships are available. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.