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Adopt an Artwork

Illustrations of the Book of Job, , ii/ii

ArtistWilliam Blake (British, 1757–1827)


DimensionsEach sheet: 17 1/8 × 13 in. (43.5 × 33 cm)

MediumLine Engraving


Credit Line1943.5A-V; Museum Purchase

Cost to Adopt

William Blake’s portfolio of line engravings on paper have at some point experienced exposure to high levels of humidity, which caused the paper to cockle, or pucker and wrinkle, when it dried. The prints need to be humidified to relax the paper. The humidified paper will then be placed between blotters under evenly distributed weight (a method known as a humidification stack) to allow it to thoroughly dry while flat. It will take a span of 6 to 8 months to complete treatment on all 22 sheets of the portfolio.