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Adopt an Artwork

Lace Collar (Punto in Aria)

ArtistUnknown Italian Artist

Date16th Century

DimensionsW: 2 3/4 in.


Place FromItaly

ClassificationTextiles and Fiber

Credit Line1930.246; Gift of Florence Scott Libbey

Cost to Adopt

Lacemaking evolved in Europe in the late 15th century and involves building up patterns with fine stitched or braided threads. This early piece of lace collar was made in the 1500s in Italy, the premier producer of fine lace at the time. It needs cleaning and repairing. The lace must first be pH tested to determine the level of acidity in the fabric before choosing appropriate cleaning materials to use, then it will need approximately 25 total hours of stitching areas of weak or broken threads to stabilize and consolidate the lace.