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Libbey Doll: Lady During the Reign of Louis XVI

ArtistJacques Antoine Doucet


Dimensions24” H

MediumMixed Media Including Textile, Wax, and Human Hair


Credit Line1917.643; Gift of Florence Scott Libbey and Edward Drummond

Cost to Adopt

For the past 113 years, the Libbey Dolls have been nostalgic touch stone in the history of the museum.With research into the collection, the collection has come to hold a significant place in the history of fashion as well. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the delicate fabrics, leather, beads, hair, and wax composition of the dolls. The clothing of thisparticular doll, Lady during the Reign of Louis XVI,was removed and deconstructed sometime in the past. Treatment of this doll will encompass stabilizing or recreating the silk bodice, stain reduction, reattaching the elements of the ensemble, stabilizing fractured silk, cleaning, and creating a supportive mount.