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Lectures and Talks

AIA-Toledo Society Lecture: Dr. Adrienne Frei, “Animals for the Afterlife: Funerary Rituals in Iron Age Slovenia”

Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 • 7:00 pm
Adults, Members, Seniors

How did relationships with animals differ in prehistory, when beliefs about animals were based on daily care for domesticates and experience of local wild animals? This talk explores prehistoric human-animal relationships in prehistoric Europe and will touch on the role of animals as food, providers of secondary products, touchstones for ritual and status, and markers of identity. The research presented here provides insight into prehistoric interactions with the natural world by assessing animal images on artifacts and comparing these to the faunal record from Early Iron Age Slovenia (c. 800-300 BCE). The results indicate that there were distinctions between the species that were significant in living interactions, in imagery, and for sacrifice. This lecture will focus on the role of domestic animals in the construction and presentation of gender identity in the Early Iron Age through both animal imagery and animal sacrifice during funerals. This lecture is presented by the Archaeological Institute of America—Toledo Society, Toledo Museum of Art, and the University of Toledo.

All lectures are illustrated, non-technical, and free and open to the public. They will be offered online live using Cisco Webex webinar software provided through the University of Toledo. Prior to each lecture a web link will be posted on the Toledo Society’s website ( and to view a lecture it is only necessary to click on this link. Lectures will be viewable on all devices, including smart phones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers. Viewers will have an opportunity to ask the speaker questions after the presentation.