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Lectures and Talks

AIA-Toledo Society Lecture | Michael Strezewski, Archaeology in Utopia – Research at New Harmony, Indiana

Friday, Oct. 12, 2018 • 7:00 pm
Little Theater
Adults, Family, Members, Seniors

Michael Strezewski ( Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Southern Indiana) discusses the town of New Harmony, which was founded in 1814 by the Harmonists, German religious separatists under the leadership of George Rapp. While the Harmonists left voluminous records on such matters as business transactions, there is little information on day-to-day life for Rapp’s 750 followers. Archaeology provides us with a unique opportunity to flesh out our knowledge of the Harmonists and, in a sense, get to know them better as individuals. This lecture is presented by the Archaeological Institute of America—Toledo Society and the Toledo Museum of Art.