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Great Performances: Danilo Brito

Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 • 8:00 pm — 9:00 pm
$10.00 for Member
$15.00 for Nonmember
$7.00 for Military
$7.00 for Student
Family, Adults, Seniors, Members

Thursday, Aug. 29: 8 p.m., GlasSalon

Danilo Brito is important to the world of music both for his extraordinary musicianship, and for the unique musical and cultural tradition he promulgates through his work— the choro music of Brazil. His is the quintessential story of a child prodigy, born with talent and interest in music far beyond his years, coupled with the good fortune to have a family steeped in Brazil's musical traditions.

Great Performances is supported in part by the Dorothy MacKenzie Price Fund, Hartmann & Associates, Joseph and Judith Conda, Shaun Coughlan, Carlos A. de Carvalho, Geraldine Mowery, Nancy K. Phlegar, and an anonymous donor.

Tickets are $10 for TMA members, $15 for nonmembers, and $7 for students and military.