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Lectures and Talks

Libbey House Salon: Diane Wright

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018 • 6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
$10 Each
$50 for Series
The Libbey House
Adults, Family, Members, Seniors

This fall, the Libbey House, a National Historic Landmark, presents a lecture series on topics ranging from the innovation of Toledo glass companies to Edward Drummond Libbey’s legacies as reflected in the glass collection of the Toledo Museum of Art.

Conjuring the spirit of Victorian-era salons, this lecture series will give participants a chance to step back from one-way communication and engage with others in the relaxed and beautiful setting of the parlor of the Libbey House located at 2008 Scottwood Ave. Tickets for the lectures are $10 each; the entire series of six lectures can be subscribed to for $50. Toledo Museum of Art members receive a 50% discount. Tickets for the lectures can be purchased at the door or online at To reserve tickets in advance, email the Libbey House Foundation at Refreshments will be served and tours of the Libbey mansion will be offered after each lecture.

  • September 20 - Julie McMaster, archivist for the Toledo Museum of Art, will talk on the private lives of Edward Drummond and Florence Scott Libbey and the impact they made on the community outside of the founding of the Toledo Museum of Art.
  • October 4 - Diane Wright, curator of glass at the Toledo Museum of Art, will talk about the Museum’s glass collection as a legacy that Edward Drummond Libbey left to Toledo.
  • October 18 - Ted Ligibel, local historic preservation specialist, will talk on the establishment of the Old West End historic district, with an emphasis on the importance of the Libbey House to the area.
  • November 8 - Tina Moffat and Steve Shrake, Libbey House Foundation board members, will talk about the Libbeys’ role in shaping the unique community of Ojai, California.
  • November 15 - Robert Zollweg, long-time product designer for Libbey Glass and president of the Libbey House Foundation board, will talk about the artistic development of Libbey Glass’s tableware line throughout the company’s history and how it both reflected and shaped the popular tastes of American consumers.

Please indicate which lectures you would like to attend and provide your contact information. For more information, contact the Foundation at (419) 252-0722.