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Since its founding in 1901, the Toledo Museum of Art has earned a global reputation for the quality of our collection, our innovative and extensive education programs, and our architecturally significant campus.

And thanks to the benevolence of its founders, as well as the continued support of its members, TMA remains a privately endowed, non-profit institution and opens its collection to the public, free of charge.

TMA provides a comprehensive summary of all of its activities to the public every year.
TMA is led by an executive management team overseen by the Museum's Board of Directors.
The Toledo Museum of Art’s member magazine is published three times per year.

Toledo Museum of Art Mission, Vision, and Values

Our purpose is Art Education. We teach people to learn to see by engaging with the collections of the Toledo Museum of Art. Under the umbrella of art history, we engage people with visual culture and methods of seeing including the formal language of art, iconology, ideology, semiotics and hermeneutics.

Through our collection and programs, we strive to integrate art into the lives of people.

Considering the Museum’s aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and current environment, what the Museum can be best at, passionate about, and financially driven by is using our collection to link art and the creative process.  If we focus our efforts on becoming the best in the world at linking art and the creative process, we believe that we can successfully achieve the Museum’s mission as envisioned in these concepts:

  • Audience Growth: The number of our actual and virtual visitors will increase.
  • Diversity: Our on-site visitors will reflect the economic, social, cultural, and racial diversity of our region.
  • Community Relevance: We will be an integral member of our community and will be responsive to issues of community concern and importance, particularly as they relate to the arts.
  • Art Collection: We will achieve a consistently high level of quality.
  • Professional Leadership: Other organizations will look to us as a model of operational effectiveness, integrity, responsibility to mission, and successful application of innovative solutions to solve real problems.
  • Operational Excellence: Resources will meet organizational needs, be built to realize organizational aspirations, and be allocated to achieve the Museum’s mission and vision.

As an organization, we recognize specific values as the basis for interdependence and as essential for collaboration and innovation. As individuals, we pledge that our relationships with one another and with our audiences will be governed by: Integrity; Respect; Trust; Cooperation; Positive Approach; and Self-Discipline.

  • Art must be connected to all that we do.
  • Always seek to add value.
  • Plan, implement, evaluate.
  • Our people are our best asset.
  • Integrate art into people’s lives.
  • Money follows good ideas.
  • Demonstrate diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do.
  • Expanding access to the collections.
  • Teaching visual literacy.
  • Increasing visibility.
  • Developing museum assets.
  • Working with artists.

Inside the Workings of Toledo Museum of Art...

The Latest from TMA

Art Minute, Art of the Week, toledo museum of art

Aug. 20 Art Minute: Wayne Thiebuaud, Roast Beef Dinner (Trucker's Supper)

Aug. 20, 2018

"Common objects become strangely uncommon when removed from their context and ordinary ways of being seen."

The quintessential truck stop meal of an open-faced roast beef sandwich and French fries (plus bread and butter on the side!) is here laid out as a still life of simplified formal elements…

Toledo Museum of Art screens award-winning Toxic Puzzle documentary

Aug. 20, 2018

Ethnobotanist and filmmaker to host screening and conversation about ground-breaking discovery of potential link between cyanobacteria and brain diseases

The Toledo Museum of Art will welcome Dr. Paul Alan Cox and filmmaker Bo Landin for a screening of their film, Toxic Puzzle, on Wednesday, Se…

Frederic Remington (American, 1861-1909) Indians Simulating Buffalo. Oil on canvas, 1908. Gift of Florence Scott Libbey, 1912.1. Gallery 30B

Aug. 14 Art Minute: Fredric Remington, Indians Simulating Buffalo

Aug. 14, 2018

An exchange of glances is the focal point of Frederic Remington's intriguing homage to a vanishing lifestyle. Bent over their grazing ponies with buffalo skins thrown over them, two Native Americans of the Western plains employ a time-honored hunting trick. In this context, however, they have dis…